Psilosalus Mushroom Capsules (For Micro-Dosing)


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Psilosalus Mushroom capsules are Canada’s most popular brand of  mushroom capsules that have been specifically made for Micro-dosing Psilocybin Cubensis Mushrooms.

Micro-dosing mushroom capsules  is  not done to experience the psychedelic effects of mushrooms but rather to gain experience from something more subliminal. A single capsule of Psilocybin Cubensis is intended not to have a noticeable effect on the average user; its primary purpose is low dosage, long-term consumption.

Directions: For best results take 1 capsule every 3rd day.

Each capsule contains: 0.25 grams (250mg) of Psilocybin Cubensis Mushrooms in a Vegetable capsule.


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